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Outrigger Concept


Slider System
The slider housing parts are subjected to the greatest amount of wear, S-tube sliders are manufactured from a highly attrition resistant material which overcomes this concern. The split spectacle plate (split for better exchange) and the wearring are coated in a special procedure with a wear resistant material to achieve longer than normal life. The conveying cylinder is also made from a high strength material.

The inside of this cylinder is lined with a thick chrome coating which is smoothed in several machining steps. This provides minimum friction between the conveying piston and the cylinder wall. The cylinders are attached to slider housing and the one-piece flushing container to provide easy service.



Hydraulic System
The main control block is the central control unit for the hydraulic system. A high performance oil pump controls the flow of oil through the driving and sluing cylinders.

The generation of excess heat is avoided through the use of a large main valve.



Central Lubrication System
The central lubrication system is standard with our equipment. It provides an almost maintenance free handling of the moving parts of the slider system and the hopper system.

The S-tube and mixer bearings are also lubricated by the central lubrication system. Long bearing life is the end result.



Control System
A robust fully hydraulic control system is the heart of our efficient pump unit. This technology has been tested and tried in the hot desert climate of Africa as well as the extreme cold weather conditions of Canada.

All the mechanical and hydraulic components can perform in both types of environment.